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ChiaoGoo Knitting Needles Circular Red Lace - Stainless Steel

The circular needles Red Lace Premium stainless steel are particularly suitable for light and thin yarns. The needles are perfectly balanced and the tips are slimmer and longer, which facilitates the absorption of very fine yarns and contributes to a more beautiful knitting pattern.

Thanks to the seamless transitions, the yarn can migrate onto the cables without disturbing it. Due to the material, the needles are extremely durable, yet surprisingly light with a matt, silky shimmering surface. The needles do not reflect light, allowing a comfortable knitting. ln addition, the special surface finish ensures perfect yarn slippage over the needle.

As with the circular knitting needle Knit Red Premium stainless steel, the needles are made of a particularly high-quality stainless steel, which is also suitable for particularly sensitive hands. The round needles Red Lace Premium stainless steel are also equipped with the patented and space-saving red premium cables, which do not screw in and can be unrolled again and again without any memory effect.

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