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 75% Wool (Merino extrafine, 19.5mic,...

Silky Merino DK

75% Wool (Merino extrafine, 19.5mic, superwash),25% Silk (Mulberry Silk), Yardage: ca 225m / 100gr, Weight: ca 100g / Skein, Recommended Needle: ca 3 - 4mm, Twist: 4-Ply

Silky Merino DK- a wonderfully soft, silky shiny yarn of the noble class - Superwash equipped.

The main factor determining the quality of merino wool is its softness which depends upon the fineness of the fibres. We use extrafine merino (19.5 microns) which is some of the finest commercially available for hand dyers. This results in a supersoft yarn that feels gentle against the skin.

Great for: for anything that wants to be worn next to the skin.

Hand dyed with professional colors for wool and silk

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