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 New to the range is the world novelty   Twist...

ChiaoGoo Twist Shorties Stainless Stell Mini Knitting Needle

New to the range is the world novelty Twist Shorties. Now ChiaoGoo does not only offer the world's thinnest interchangeable needles, but also the shortest. This is possible only through the use of the best raw materials and the very high ChiaoGoo production standard. The needles are made of premium stainless steel.

The Twist Shorties are available as a combination package with two needles in 5cm and 8cm length for each needle size and two cables with 13cm and 15cm length, which can be combined to circulars between 23cm and 31cm length. The thicknesses of 1,5mm to 3,25mm are designed as M (mini) connections and use the patented red premium cables that can be combined with longer mini cables.

The respective lengths resulting from the combinations:

  • 5cm Needle + 5cm Needle + 13cm Cable = 23cm
  • 5cm Needle + 5cm Needle + 15cm Cable = 25cm
  • 5cm Needle + 8cm Needle + 13cm Cable = 26cm
  • 8cm Needle + 8cm Needle + 15cm Cable = 31cm

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