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 The ChiaoGoo Knitting Needle Tips are...

ChiaoGoo Knitting Needle Tips Stainless Steel - Twist (13cm)

The ChiaoGoo Knitting Needle Tips are replaceable surgical stainless steel needle tips, have a very slim tip and the transition between cable and needle is very smooth. The size is lasered on each needle tip.

These Needle Tips have a lenght of 13cm.

Twist needle tips can be combined with the transparent Spin cables and the red Twist Red cables.


  • Needles in size M (1,5mm - 2,5mm) only fits cables in size M (mini)
  • Needles in size S (2,75mm - 5mm) only fits cables in size S (small)
  • Needles in size L (from 5,5mm) only fits cables in size L (large)

Alternatively, you can use the ChiaoGoo Cable Connector L to S - this allows a [S] cable to be connected to a [L] needle point.

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