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 75% Wool (Merino Ultrafine, 16,5mic,...


75% Wool (Merino Ultrafine, 16,5mic, superwash),15% Silk (Mulberry Silk), 10% Cashmere, Yardage: ca 400m / 100gr, Weight: ca 100g / Skein, Recommended Needle: ca 3 - 4mm (or bigger), Twist: 2-Ply

Reyna - the gentle union of luxury fibers - ultrafine merino, refined with silk and cashmere for the fluffy halo effect.
The result is a yarn whose softness can hardly be described.

Great for: for anything that wants to be worn next to the skin. It will pamper you while you knit and wear it.

Hand dyed with professional colors for wool and silk

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