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 The transparent   Spin   cables are made from...

ChiaoGoo Spin Cables - transparent nylon cables (S)

The transparent Spin cables are made from nylon and rotate freely at the joints, which prevents the cables from being twisted to increase the knitting pleasure significantly.
The Spin nylon cables are available in S (small) and L (large) . All Spin cables have a small hole in the connecting piece through which the connection can be tightened with the help of a tightening key and the end stoppers can be fastened to secure the knitting projects.

ChiaoGoo Spin Cables S are available in 35cm, 55cm and 93cm lenght.


  • Cables in size M (mini) only fits needles in size M (1,5 - 2,5mm [steel] und 2,75mm [bamboo])
  • Cables in size S (small) only fits needles in size S (2,75 - 5mm [steel] und 3,0 - 5mm [bamboo])
  • Cables in size L (large) only fits needles in size L (ab 5,5mm [bamboo and steel])

Alternatively, you can use the ChiaoGoo Cable Connector L to S - this allows a [S] cable to be connected to a [L] needle point.

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